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Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Join us for some festive retreat at our annual Hedo Kisses Desire event.
As friends of SMI descend from Jamaica and Mexico in the celebration of the three kings of adults only resorts. A new triangle is formed! This weekend has groups from Jamaica and even special VIP staff members coming to party in up-scale class and style. look for some of the world’s greatest Sea Mountaineers from 10 countries and 19 states! – The big night sky is shining on your nude bodies in a glow of LOVE. Sea Mountain Spa is the only lifestyles exclusive Nude resort for couples and women only in the USA. SMI promotes a safe, no bias, attitude bringing what Maxim is calling the most erotic hotel On earth. Its Lingerie and LESS each weekend night this event.

Enjoy the beautiful eves with the all-night pool and whirlpool events.
While most hotels pools close at dusk SMI mineral water warm water nude pools remain open all night -Unlike other spas where you might be separated from the person you visit with ,at SMI Lifestyles Hotel and Day Club you remain through the day with the One you are with .

A true romantic treat!

This month The Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun Mexico agreed travel section gave Sea Mountain the accolade of the best of the USA romantic adults only vacation hotels! Look for a coming piece in UK England TV Choice!


Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events
This week at Sea Mountain Spa, Inn, Day Spa, Night Spa, Nude Spa, Nude Experience…
(and whatever else you want to call it)

Call NOW! – 760-251-4744

You can go to other F@cking places… but really? Why would you?
Lifestyles Over California at Sea Mountain SPA


760-251-4744 (almost sold out)

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

The Sea Mountain Resort Club Spa Hotel Nude Resort Lifestyles Center home of the run on sentence has all you need to create or recreate romance –
SMI is based on the notion that respect, honor and understanding go together like the lips that touch – So smile breathe – Look out the corner of your eye and see the ONE you Love and embrace life and join together In the Sea Mountains Path toward self actualization – Yes we did say that…

To all our Sea Mountain Family:
Our loving staff is thanking you again for a spectacular weekend of SUN. The temperature rose and the atmosphere was off the hook with the worlds best music and vibe – This was a sinsational celebration of sun and water – Everyone is so excited about new magic at SMI, like the new amazing villa , new kitchen areas, new art and dramatic lighting , misting system and refrigerated Taboo Gardens lounger – Your new friends are waiting for you to join them in the spa and pool at SMI! We want to thank the arch hotel digest for really singing the praises of new sea mountain inn awesome comfy hotel rooms!

No one gives you’re the member privileges like your home of the New Sea Mountain Resort day club night club and rage hotel.
Every day there is unlimited coke products munchies teas juices gifts breakfasts lunch fruits 24 hour natural waters pools and 24 hour lifestyles taboo gardens lounge with a pole for the day or the night!!!

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

St Patrick's Day Events at Sea Mountain Nude Lifestyles Spa

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Check list: DEW each of these things and DEW know we DEW love You oh yes we DEW!
  1. Get DEW massages together!
  2. DEW Day Spa
  3. DEW Night Spa at lifestyles SMI
  4. DOO DOO DEW wop
  5. DEW overnight rooms with the best beds on earth
  6. DEW the Day Night Spa and laugh again
  7. DEW enjoy the only hotel we know of in the USA that gives you munchies and beverages all day and all night all inclusive
  8. DEW not miss this. Cause you are dewtiful and adored.
  9. | |

Massages available

Our Main Hot water mineral pool will always be 95 degrees! The warmest POOL in California (that we are aware of) and we have the Taboo Gardens Lounge with nightly fireplace and daytime events too – We have our cedar HOT coed clothing optional Sauna and our Taboo Bed Lounge waiting for your steaming bodies – Our Mineral water hot water Jacuzzi is 100 steaming degrees.

Call NOW: 760-251-4744

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Call NOW:
1760-251-4744 Palm Springs

It is time… Our guests from the East, Canada and Europe are flocking to

A Spa, An Inn, A Lifestyles Spa, A Healing Center, A Lounge, A Day Spa, A Night Spa, A Couples Romance Center, Alt Theme Park and whatever else ya wanna call it.

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

Upcoming Events at the Sea Mountain Inn:

March 3 – 9
Hedo Meets Desire the Lifestyles Hedo Kisses Desire Wishes Event
Look for your friends from over 30 states the most upscale sophisticated couples on earth in a complete lifestyles all inclusive event as seen in Best of TMZ parties with amazing weather and love your sexy friends are doing a takeover 🙂

March 10 – 16
Sensualis SUN SPLASH – A Lifestyles SUN rage rave with DJs and all inclusive lux events.
This is where the days get longer the skin is soft your are wet the sun beats in the love drum and 5 complete days and nights of pool parties unlike anything Sea Mountain has presented yet. This weekend still has 7 openings of rooms. Lifestyles Over America: DECCA DANCE DECADENCE – Lifestyles Over California – The Ultimate in Upscale Decadence and Positive Sin – A complete nude resort spa specialty – It’s sensual CARNIVALS – A day of sun and music and naked sinning fun – Performing in the sun too with the most erotic carnival of all time Saturday – It’s the HOTTIES Take over – The sexy couples and women from Lifestyles clubs from NY to Miami and The Bay area- enjoying a day of lust and peace and strutting their gorgeous selves – Ah the cute, the hot and the none too vain – All in a naked Zen – Party – Sun dance – One of the most eclectic times – Almost sold out. Look for a celebration of sun and fun with the up scale Zen that makes sea mountain resort one of the worlds most unique experiences. Indulge your private fantasy, What’s your favorite lingerie ware? Ready to dress up and then dress down? This weekends for those who dare to bare, Eves are rockin’ – You got it so flaunt it, That secret outfit in the eves – What is it? Your clothes are gone, your mind is blistering in retreat or party. The waters are taking you far far away. Mix with friends of the lifestyle and lingerie and others descending from many states. Can you handle it? Call now 760-251-4744

March 17 – 23
St. Patrick’s Daze Rage – Bash of Green March 20th
all meals and costumes rage As seen in Maxim as the best ST PATS in the USA – Indulge in unlimited day time foods and beverages – St Pat’s love event – Costume lingerie bash St Patrick’s Day – BashOGreen like Halloween – One of the most packed of weeks – Where fun does not end. It’s costumes on the eve and sun-filled pool parties all day. Sells out quick so get your beads and show it off. This event always sells out
Sea Mountain Spa St. Patrick's Daze Rage - Bash of Green March 20th

March 24 – 30
The Sun Searing Event – Almost Sold Out – A takeover with the Loves of Desire swingers. The main event is the 27th of March PJs, School Girls, the Pole and Waterworld of SUN with food and beverages all day! THE up-scale Couples takeover lifestyle sites from around the world with ultra Sea Mountaineers from over 8 countries coming down for the best spa in the USA – The annual event with the world’s greatest sounds, celebrities, world’s best pool week – An experience unlike all else and the day time parties with very up-scale friends from Seattle, Canada and the ultra VIP San Francisco and NYC groups coming for a water world in the Los Angeles desert – These VIP events are filling quickly – Amazing weather this week incredible from across the globe – DJs event and school girls and PJs so get ready 760-251-4744.

March 31 to April 6
THE FEMALE CENTRIC EVENT – AS SEEN ON MTV – Last year sold out early all foods contests DJs 24-hour swingers rage. Dinah Shore where over 50000 women descent into Palm Springs and many come to their safe haven of Sea Mountain. But it’s not just about the girls – The Sea Mountain Men YOUR lovers will be right by your side – Bi Girl – or straight strictly dickly girls or Girl world in Palm Springs and SMI. Celebrate the female sensuality the power of the goddess inside you with our bi girl bash Friday and Saturday – With spectacular sunny weather and a devotion to unbridled Sappho’s love the goddess events are outstanding. Imagine over oceans of righteous and bi females descending into sunny Palm Springs the love is contagious and at SMI our girls rule every day! Almost sold out of rooms – This event of course is for male-female couples too — Winkey wink — We are aware you are tingling and so wet so please call 760-251-4744 and book the place where your orgasm matter most! where girls come first Sea Mountain Upscale Lifestylee Inn. Call now 760-251-4744.

April 6 – 13
The 8th annual SMI experience international love event lingerie and sun rave for only the discerning swingers. The most beautiful lifestyles couples celebrating this event includes costumes contests and all foods and beverages last year sold out in March.

April 14 – 20
Coachella TOO and the Burning Event THE BURN Spring Break for Adults Only Coachella TWO – 420 at SMI 420 Event Saturday with open bar, special guests, music and sin! The event of the Spring – Exclusive Lingerie and COSTUME event Saturday! The main event is Saturday Get your wild clothes on…. Oh YES, that is code for our SMI special Mini Burn — Many of the artist from the world famous Coachella will be mix it up in the land of naked bliss a burning style event — It’s 420, inhale the sweet smoke of dreams and toke on a wish of peace for our world in the 420 event — Where its just (special =Rates) per night for two with food and beverages and yes you have the munchies ,and yes we have what has been reviewed as some of the most junky of junk food to fill your smiling mouths and tender yet swollen bellies – and yes we are making some paranoid and no your close friends and family will not see you in this state and DO – Jump in to the water and bounce off the mineral water into the starts shouting your name at Sea Mountain Love Naked Land. The swingers sun event Grammy DJs all meals costumes and lingerie Best-of. This is the time you have seen it on VH1 and MTV the warmest weather with the most spectacular international love event this event is on 17 of April 760-251-4744

April 21 – 27
As seen in Hustler Best of the World a 73-hour party with new play area redone pools and new lingerie contests XXX lingerie. SPRING BREAK FOR ADULTS ONLY. The Annual Event. SPRING BREAK WEEK AT SEA MOUNTAIN NUDE RESORT – Global Warmings Positive Energy. It’s not your parents nude resort – This is an educated and welcoming land of music and enrichment – Imagine just 9 years ago at the SMI openings Sea Mountain Nude Resort has several spring break nude college and post grads – Now they are married in love and many with children the tradition continues – Imagine 25 years ago your spring break, when spring break topless and spring break flashing just began and look our guests in their 40s and 50s enjoy a safe spring break vibe every day of the year – Imagine those who never got to have spring break because society had become so rigid that a thong or a breast provoked a national outcry – Well we welcome our guests of the 60s free love and those in their 70s 80s and onward – Sea Mountain is the center of Spring Break for generation to generation for the youthful and exuberant naked rage party to the adults experience of a lifetime. Global Warming To the Left and To the Right – The Ozone at SMI is shrinking and you are growing.

April 28 – May 4
Sexo De Mayo Cinco De Mayo – Celebrations with the BIG Event Ole! – Almost sold out 760-251-4744
Costume Event with fireworks and open bars. Sexo De Mayo Cinco De Mayo Celebrations with the BIG Event Ole! Already almost sold out – May 7 The special Cinco de Mayo event with lingerie parade, breakfast, lunch, dinner and unlimited beverages! One of the largest, sexiest, sunniest fests in the world! A splash of salsa with your Love – Sexy Guest DJs – The home of the party foul – One of the largest weeks OF LIFESTYLES. This Cinco De Mayo all inclusive event hosts very sexy DJ and ultra Lingerie and Costume events and Saturday May ONE is the Big Lifestyles event . Last year this sold out early call your home now.

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

May 5 – 11
Mosaic and Lifestyles SKIN Festival
Music Erotica Danceteria-One of the young swingers take over and a dance and lingerie exclusive. This is a 4 day and night event culminating with Saturday and Sunday back to back lifestyles rage of sun with only the f@cking sexiest people on the planet as seen in BET and VH1 sensual rage of the world.

May 12 – 18
SKIN-LUST – The Scalding Hot Water USA Meets Europe and Asia Unbridled erotica in the SUN
The all new sea mountain day beds and earths most sensual upscale couples only – At this writing almost sold out as the earth’s best weather meets the wettest adults in the world .A Mosaic of Lust – A mosaic of Lust.

May 19 – 25
Sensual Militias – PLUS a new SMI lifestyles Event for those who love to dress wild… DESERT SAVAGE
World youthful lifestyles week and spring break for adults only as seen in Esquire and FHM – Where the hottest you comes alive – No matter your age it’s all about your desires. What happens when 7 lifestyles groups come together with the hottest couples from over 35 states to enter the Las Vegas and Palm Springs Kingdoms of Lifestyles. Lots of guests spending half the week at the all new Sea Mountain Temple Las Vegas and then driving to Palm Springs Sea Mountain and visa versa one f@cking incredible week of Zen magic.

Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News

The home of Hot mineral water pools
and the sunshine capital of the USA

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Overnight rooms are available – CALL FOR details

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Limited number of suites/spots available.

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A spa of love, honor and the eternal search for equality of all men and women across our proud nation. SMI is our world of love for each and every person in this brave country.

If you are under a stay at home mandate or area we ask that follow all health protocols in your area.

Your Sea Mountain is staying current on all new mandates and safety measures and we remain vigilant in our cleaning and distancing efforts. If there is anything we can do for you in these unchartered times, please do not hesitate to reach out to We are here for you and we appreciate your love as you know we embrace you. Welcome Home… Again

Sea Mountain Spa safe and upscale sensuality.

Remember, Sea Mountain is following all rules and protocols of our city, county and state.

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Hedo Meets Desire the Sea Mountain Love Events and All New Spring Calendar $500 in Bonus Dollars News